Prevention of Blindness

One of KBA’s goals is to help prevent an individual from ever becoming one of clients in the first place. To accomplish this, we offer (free of charge) a wide variety of prevention of blindness & eye safety programs to local communities.


  • Preschool vision screenings
  • Adult vision screenings
  • Public education & awareness: Educational and informational presentations are provided to preschools, schools, colleges, senior centers, clubs, and organizations on a wide variety of vision related topics. “Treasure in Sight” for preschoolers, “Introduction to Blindness” for school age children and adults, “Macular Degeneration”, “Glaucoma”, and “Diabetic Retinopathy” are a few examples. Programs using low vision simulation glasses are also very popular.
  • Health fairs: KBA staff provides services at several health fairs each year. Glaucoma screenings, vision screenings, educational displays, and educational materials are available for attendees.
  • Eyeglasses cleaning/adjustments: Free eyeglasses cleanings and adjustments are offered at senior centers, senior living facilities, and personal care / nursing homes.
  • Eyeglasses dispensing: Eyeglasses are provided at a low cost to financially eligible residents of KBA’s service area. Persons participating in this program must have a current eyeglasses prescription.

Visit the Twinkle and EYEnstein website, the only Prevention of Blindness website in the nation that is specifically designed for children!