Preschool Screenings

Preschool vision screenings are provided to identify preschool aged children who may be experiencing visual difficulties due to amblyopia (lazy eye). These children are then referred for a complete eye examination with an eye-care professional. If detected and treated early, most children will develop improved or normal vision.

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Children with amblyopia usually do not know that what they are seeing is not normal, and are unable to tell their parents that something is wrong. Unless there is an obvious sign such as crossed eyes, there is nothing to suggest to the parent that there may be a problem.

Amblyopia is caused by any condition that affects normal use of the eyes and visual development. There are three major causes of amblyopia:

  • Amblyopia commonly occurs with strabismus (misaligned or crossed eyes.)
  • Although both eyes may be healthy and functioning well, they may not be functioning together. Amblyopia can occur when one eye is more nearsighted, farsighted, or astigmatic than the other. The image received can be double or blurred. The brain suppresses or pays less attention to the eye that is not the clearest. When this happens, the vision in the ignored or “lazy eye” cannot develop normally.

  • Any factor, such as cataracts, that prevents a clear image from being focused inside the eye can lead to amblyopia.

To schedule a screening for your preschool, please contact Shirley Shanes at KBA, 724-347-5501, ext. 218.

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