Toilet Paper

KBA provides approximately 90,000 rolls of paper per week (4.5 million per year) to the Commonwealth of PA for the correctional facilities across the state. The actual paper is purchased on parent rolls weighing 2,000 pounds and measuring 8.5 feet in height by 5 feet in diameter. The paper is placed on a processing machine which wraps 1,000 sheets around a cardboard core to form a long log. The log is then cut into standard 4-inch toilet paper widths, and the “tail” of the roll is glued down to prevent unraveling. The log is then sawn into standard widths and is transported to a “wrapper” that wraps each and every roll. Blind employees then fill boxes with 80 rolls to a case, seal the cases, and prepare them for shipment.

The toilet paper project is housed at the facility of our affiliate agency, Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired, in Chester, PA.

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