Casework Services

When a person loses their vision, it may seem like the world is closing in around them. KBA’s casework services are designed to open up new vistas for a person with abrupt or slowly degenerating vision loss. These services meet the needs of blind and visually impaired individuals to foster independence and productive living. A service provider meets with the consumer to assess the need for the service(s) and to agree on an plan tailored to meet those needs.


  • Transportation with sighted escort for grocery shopping, personal needs shopping, medical trips, banking, Post Office, and to take care of household business.
  • Support services, which include mail-reading, bill-paying and check-writing, form completion, picking up and delivering adaptive devices, changing light bulbs or batteries, setting watches and clocks, making large print copies, etc.
  • Life Skills programs presented by community resource professionals to share information about programs, services, or skills that can improve a consumer’s quality of life.
  • A variety of Support Groups to address the consumer’s needs. There are support groups for technology users, groups for individuals who want to share information about consumer issues, and groups for people who want to discuss general information about coping with vision loss. The intent of peer support is to improve communications among people who are visually impaired, to improve coping and problem-solving skills, self-esteem, and self-awareness.
  • Information and referral services provided for individuals to use community resources for food products, meals, income, rebates, and other agencies or organizations that can provide assistance.
  • Processing applications for Carnegie Library for the Blind, which provides talking books in several formats, Braille books, and described movies.
  • Talking newspaper, where KBA volunteers record the Sharon Herald for vision-impaired consumers to listen to daily. To call in, dial 724-347-5510 and follow the prompts to access the newspaper sections.