Safety Helmets

KVS assembles cap-style safety helmets of three color varieties (blue, yellow, and white). The 4-pt standard suspension safety helmet is sold to Federal customers as well as Base Supply Centers and through major distributors like Grainger, MSC, and LC Industries.

Keystone’s supply partner for this project, ERB Industries, is located in Woodstock, Georgia. ERB Safety (a division of ERB Industries) has been an industry leader in the development, manufacture, and supply of safety products that protect the health and safety of workers in the construction, manufacturing, and industrial sectors since 1956. Keystone is delighted to be working with a partner with such a wealth of knowledge and support available for this project.

Four full-time positions have been created for blind and visually impaired workers to insert suspensions into the helmet shells and package them for shipment. We will provide anywhere from 50,000-100,000 helmets to customers on an annual basis.

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