In 2012, Keystone Blind Association commenced a new project with UniqueSource as part of the Pennsylvania State Use set-aside Program. In a strategic partnership with local-favorite O’Neill Coffee Company out of West Middlesex, Keystone began manufacturing decaffeinated coffee for a number of state customers, including correctional facilities, institutions, and state government offices.

KBA employees travel to nearby West Middlesex, PA to work in O’Neill’s coffee roasting plant where they roast, grind, and package 8.75 ounce packages of our very own KEY brand Decaffeinated Coffee for sale to state government customers. This project provides employment for the blind and disabled while providing one of the area’s finest decaffeinated beverages to our customers. Ideal for home or office use, KEY Decaffeinated Coffee is available to the public in the storefront of our 981 Division Street manufacturing plant in Sharon.